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Holiday tax

At the end of your stay, your host will ask you to pay a tax called the "taxe de sejour".

What is it?

  • This tax is collected by your host for the Grand Cahors and the Lot authorities.
  • It is a specific source of revenue approved by resolution of the community, and paid by all tourists spending at least one night in the area.


What is it for?

  • The continuous improvement of quality in your home Tourist Office - quality and range of services, increased openness, increased numbr of outlets.
  • The implementation of actions in favour of tourism and cultural events but also the development of infrastructure and local and departmental tourist amenities.
  • The creation of thematic tours at affordable rates in relation to all types of visitors.
  • The publication of information brochures, guides and support for public tours in French and foreign languages.



Want to know more?

At the Tourist Office Grand Cahors +33 (0) 5 65 53 20 65At the Tourist Office Grand Cahors +33 (0) 5 65 53 20 65

Your host, who can give you an information pamphlet with a reminder of the regulations, rates, exemptions and reductions.
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