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Environmental awareness on holiday

Your Tourist Office is fully committed to sustainable develoment. Please play your part by being environmentally aware and responsible!


Wherever You visit or stay

  • Sort your rubbish just like at home.
  • Try to eat and drink local produce.
  • Walk, cycle, use public transport or char share wherever possible.
  • Try not to waste energy or water.


Out in the natural environment

  • Please respect nature - take yourlitter home and don't throw cigarette butts away..
  • Stick to signposted paths and trails.
  • Help to keep natural sites clean and tidy.
  • After a long day's walking, take a refreshing shower rather than a bath.
  • Don't pick wild flowers.
  • Use recyclable or re-usable drinks containers rather than cans and bottles.
  • Never light fires.


Always respect the wonderful playground that nature has given us for free!

Grands sites Midi-Pyrénées
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