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Cahors - Malbec, an outstanding vineyard

The arrival of Roman legions in Quercy and the creation of the city of Divona Cadurcorum in the first century gave rise to the first vine plantations in the area. From the 12th century the wine of Cahors, enormously popular in England and elsewhere, were exported in huge quantities from the port of Bordeaux to Northern Europe.

From that date, the reputation of the wines of Cahors only ever increased and in the following centuries the wines of Cahors won their spurs in the Americas, Germany, Holland and especially in Russia, where the Tsars adopted it as their ceremonial wine and the Orthodox Church as its liturgical wine.

Unfortunately, in 1880, the phylloxera epidemic destroyed almost the entire vineyard. The Malbec grape, meanwhile was taken to Argentina where the Mendoza vineyards; at the foot of the Andes, were founded.

At the end of the second world war, some growers decided to unite to revive the Cahors vineyards by creating the "Côtes d'Olt" cooperativein 1947.

Their willingness to pursue a policy of quality production was recognised in 1971 with the award of the AOC label.

Today, the vineyard of Cahors continues to carve an international reputation, particularly in connection with its emblematic grape variety, the Malbec.


The Accueil Vigneron network in the Lot

Accueil Vigneron du LotMore than sixty winemakers welcome you to a privileged setting to share their passion for the grape and to taste their wines in the best surroundings.


Each participant has agreed to meet the criteria of the quality charter of service and hospitality, including:

  • announcement of their belonging to the network,
  • easy access,
  • parking space
  • regular opening hours,
  • exemplary visiting and tasting conditions
  • prices displayed and easily visible
  • provision of tourist information


Ambassadors of choice for exploring the tourist attractions of the Lot vineyards, most of them are also members of the Fédération des Vignerons Indépendants du Lot.


You are looking for tailor-made tours in the vineyard ? You can contact Lot On Tours !


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