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The parks of cahors

Parks, squares and the surrounding natural environment on the other side of the bridges, all call to mind the atypical character of the city of Cahors, past and present.

Parc Tassart

Rue Joachim Murat

Once the Bishop's garden, this park became state property after the separation of church and state in 1905. In 1906, the State donated the garden to the département which handed it on to the town in 1907. Shortly thereafter the garden was opened to the public.

Parc Jouvenel

Allées Fénélon

Once known as the town's botanical garden this enclosed square is built in the image of the green spaces created by Baron Haussmann in Paris in the second half of the 19th century, where plantations and monumental statues live side by side. Here, trees shelter the garden, by a little lake dominated by a rock upon which is perched a monumental Neptune, designed by Gabriel-Vital Dubray. Originally, the back of the rock was a cave. Inside the visitor discovered an aquarium, now long gone. Sculpted grills mark the entrance of the square with two statues, of Joachim Murat and Jean-Baptiste Bessieres, Marshals of the empire, standing guard. Two fountain basins round off the effect.

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