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Gardens of knowledge

Gardens of knowledge

This new concept of the garden is a further evolution of the Secret Gardens mostly located in the western part of the city.



Terrasse ValentréJardins du Savoir - Pax

Peace means a state of calm or tranquility, an absence of disturbance or agitation.

It is universally regarded as an ideal, the opposite of what we continuously experience, pell-mell, bacteriological war, economic war, a war of information and images, a war of religion, culture or race.




Terrasse Valentré

If allowed to stand, the imagination, to the first moments of teh Gardens of Knowledge - the sensitive existence of mankind, it is also arguably that the first feelings are purely direct, that is say unspecified, heard, smelled without choice, without savouring - eaten ate and enjoyed with brutality.

All is eventually fixed... but, tomorrow, after tomorrow, I will be a disabled person if only being duller, less flexible, more easily tired.

Avoiding the cliché of a garden chair, the city of Cahors implements a garden not about disability but to the 5 senses.Jardins du Savoir - Sensitif


  • Sight: stop talking, imagine your place in society or plants and trees take precedence to worry ... the war.

Plants for seeing: Hazel, Davidia...

  • Touch: touch the plants and trees, looking for their roughness or feel their trunks, their stems and branches, keep the whole hand, caress their flowers and fruits..

Plants to touchThyme, Milk Thistle, Geranium tomentosum..

  • Smell: Smell stems and bark, the scent of flowers and fruits, learn to recognize the smell of the leaves if they are rubbed or torn..

Frangrances: Heliotrope, Belle de Nuit, Witch Hazel, Eleagnus ebengeii...

  • Taste: Taste the fruits of plants and trees, you can also taste the leaf sap.

Plants for flavour: strawberry, gooseberry, raspberry

  • Hearing: Listen to the sound of the wind on the leaves and the creaking of branches, Be attentive to birdsong, try to guess the spirit of the plants and their vibrations..

Plants to hear Grass, Miscanthus, Arundo, Sugar Cane...



Fleuroselect display garden

Allées des Soupirs

Fleuroselect is a European umbrella organization for all creators of new flower varieties. The association annually awards gold medals to plants that have brought something new to horticulture. These plants are presented in thirty six "display gardens" or demonstration gardens around the world, including six in France at Paris, Lyon, Dijon, Orleans, Nantes and Cahors.



Cour de l'auditorium

The art of Japanese garden is to oppose the elements - Rojiple as reed, the strength of materials, such as bamboo.

Jardins du Savoir - RojiThe history of this type of garden in Japanese art is related to the sober and internalized ritual of the religious tea ceremony, which began to take root in the sixteenth century.

Celebrating the act of drinking tea together with a strong sense of etiquette, social-tea drinking promotes a sense of community during religious ceremonies.

The Roji is organized to confuse the viewer and make him lose his usual landmarks, so he appreciates the path of meditation.

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