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The "Lot of Saveurs" festival

"Lot of Saveurs" - all the art of gourmet food

The Lot Of Saveurs festival, established in 2009, was born of the wish to celebrate what makes the reputation of our country, its food, with a popular, festive and creative event.


Over the years, Lot Of Saveurs has received strong support from its partners and the public by offering a different programme each year with the spotlight on local cuisine throughout the Grand Cahors region. Gourmet holidaymakers from all walks of life, the great chefs of the Lot, local producers and artists come together around events celebrating our culinary heritage.


Culinary literature, fine art, cooking classes and chef's recipes... the angles of approach to this art of living are numerous, but always find a way to come up with a beautiful traditional dinner with friendly company. Lot Of Saveurs is the expression of a hearty appetite and friendly encounters so characteristic of the tradition of French mealtimes.


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