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Gourmet tours

For food and wine lovers...

To give a little warmth to the winter chill, the Grand Cahors Tourist Office invites you on a gourmet tour of the region.

In this unusual and friendly visit you'll discover the history and heritage of Cahors in terms of its cuisine and traditional recipes.

What was the influence of the great medieval trade routes on recipes of the time? What role was played by powerful consuls and the “butchers' guild” on traditional cuisine?

Lots of questions to whet your curiosity as much as your appetite.

The tour concludes with a friendly lunch, around the traditional mique (a local speciality) in a restaurant in the old town where you can continue your discussions and compare your recipes around the table.


Aperitif visit

With the arrival of spring, the traditional winter warmers give way to the essential art of French living - the aperitif! In the late afternoon, the tour will conclude with a tasting of Cahors wine in friendly surroundings.


Meet the winemakers

Food and wine heritage is a central part of the identity of our country.

Meet the winemakers and discover the vineyards of Cahors with the men and women who create the best wines - the fruit of their work and their passion.

Whether you're a true gourmet enthusiast or just curious, enjoy to the full the delicious history and heritage of Cahors as discovered through its cuisine and traditional recipes. The visit ends with a lunch at a restaurant.



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